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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Seven Extraordinary Things

October 19, 2011

A story about art, love and sleepless nights. At art school, Greg will do anything to escape mediocrity, including becoming the secret benefactor to Nina, a gifted dancer who is his inspiration. When Greg learns Nina is willing to die for her art, his own conviction is tested to the limit. The story can be

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The Rat Catcher’s Son

October 19, 2011

This short story was created as a lesson in character development. The moral: Don’t create characters that ARE interesting, create characters that DO interesting things. The black and white version of this story is still available HERE.

The Girl in the Moon

October 15, 2011

It is a closely guarded secret that well-to-do families from the Moon occasionally send their children to Earth, to grow up in the sunshine, fresh air and heavier gravity of our planet. Crosby Campbell grew up living across the street from one of them. The Girl in the Moon will be available soon on WWW.SCROLLON.COM.