Doug Lefler


I have been drawing for a living since I was sixteen and consider my greatest professional accomplishment to be the fact that I still love to do it. I draw everyday, both digitally and with pen and paper. I draw on the weekends. I draw on holidays.

Here is some of my handiwork.

"Culinary Adventurer"
"Gathering of the Elephants"
"Moose Rider"
"Retro Flyer"
"First Tower on the Left"
"Boy and Cave Bear"
"Against the Horde"
"Not Without A Fight"
"The Gunfighter Contemplates his Mech Suit"
"When You Need to Get it There Fast"
"Discovery On Artemis 5"
"A Fair Wind"
"It Is Easy To Fight When You Are Young"
"Size Comparison"
"Stone Cottage Comfort"
"Assassin Reforms"
"The Final Point"
"Lost Lenore"
"Lions and Tigers and Bears"
"A Hand for a Friend"
"Witch and Owl"
"The Pumpkin Thief"
"Graveyard Waltz"
"Open Window"
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