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Monthly Archives: May 2015

Nephilim -Episodics

May 7, 2015

A reminder that my Nephilim story is being posted in episodic form on Today it’s chapater two “The Mechanism of Memory”, part 5 of 8.

Dinosaurs and Airships

May 6, 2015

From The Heart of the Hollow World #11 “Flight”. FREE on the Scrollon App!

Birds of Prey – Drawing

May 5, 2015

Drawing for an upcoming illustration. The final version will be posted here May 26th. This one was just an excuse to draw a Great Horned Owl.

The Heart of the Hollow World #11 “Flight”

May 4, 2015

Friend, artist and fellow Scrollon creator Mark Moretti describe this as Jonny Quest meets One Million Years BC. I’m happy to own both of those influences. Hollow World #11, “Flight” is now available for FREE on the Scrollon App for iOS.

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