Doug Lefler


I have been drawing for a living since I was sixteen and consider my greatest professional accomplishment to be the fact that I still love to do it. I draw everyday, both digitally and with pen and paper. I draw on the weekends. I draw on holidays.

Here is some of my handiwork.

"Never swim alone"
"Problem Solved"
"Rhino Pet"
"Sitting and Waiting"
"Size Comparison"
"Summer Solstice"
"Warrior Faces Merciless Giant"
"Zombie Pig"
"Winner of the Joust"
"Space Girl"
Space Ape Sketch
"Lord of the Jungle"
String Doll Sketch
"String Demon"
Eagle Captured Sketch
"Capture of the Forest Bird"
Golem Attack Sketch
Captured by A Golem Sketch
"Nimmah and the Kronos"
Wake Up Sketch
"Wake Up"
Death Clock Sketch
"Death Clock"
Ribbon Figure Sketch
Flock of dragons.
"The Piper"