Doug Lefler

“Graveyard Waltz”


  1. I’ve been following all along- but this one struck me even more than usual– (the usual being just stunned to silence)…. I appreciate the discipline of Inktober.
    This one is a clinic on less linework and letting the shapes tell the story.

  2. I’m forwarding this from another project:

    There by the brambles is a lonely stone,
    marking the place beneath the loam
    where memories die amongst the bones
    and ne’er more go a-roaming.

    Save for one night in the dark and cold,
    When shadows waltz ‘neath a moon turned gold.
    Souls lifted free from the muck and the the mould
    and dance, one more time, in the gloaming.


      1. I belong to a writers’ group that plays with poems and short stories, one playing off from the another’s work. My contribution to the season. It just really fit with your illustration…
        I am doing Inktober… Medical Illustrators group providing prompts….

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