Doug Lefler


War is Hell for an elf alone, but Rionah has found an unexpected friend. RIONAH is an alternate history WWII story with dieselpunk elements and mythical creatures.

I wrote and illustrated RIONAH simultaneously in two formats. It is a standard comic, available HERE at, and it is also a vertical Scrollon®. The vertical scrolling format is ideal for those who prefer reading on their phone. Just download the free Scrollon app for iOS or Android.


  1. I came across your Stobo Dart youtube today, there was lot’s of good advice in your videos, Then I came here to your site. Your art is charming, and your humour in it often makes me smile while I can get lost in the worlds you craft. Rionah was a wonderful read as well. Lots of heart and adventure.

    Thank you for making my day better with your wonderful work.

    I regret that I am not able to draw a triceratops here as you did for Mr. Bradbury.

    1. Thank you, Craig. I appreciate your feedback. It sometimes feels like I’m creating content in a vacuum, so it’s nice to know people are looking at the art and reading the stories!

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