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Monthly Archives: March 2010

Ice Cream

March 29, 2010

A SERIOUS SUBJECT. I wonder if anyone following this Journal knows whether there has been a scientific investigation to prove something ice cream enthusiasts have long held to be fact? To wit: ice cream eaten directly from the carton tastes better than ice cream eaten out of a bowl. When my wife was my girlfriend,

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Nocturnal Battle

March 22, 2010

(reposted from In the wee small hours of the morning… A short time later…

In The Moment – Part Two

March 18, 2010

When we read a story, or watch a movie, we want the protagonist to do what we can’t: live in the moment.  The events of the story may, or may not be Earth shattering, as long as they are so important to the main character that they consume every ounce of his or her attention.

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In the Moment – Part One

March 15, 2010

One thing that amazes me about my Miniature Schnauzer, even more than his ability to rend zombies limb for limb, is his ability to live in the moment.  Animals and children do this naturally, actors practice it as part of their craft; the rest of us neglect to do it, or have forgotten how.  I

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