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Ashfire Moon: Adventure Unlimited

Travel Tips for Adventurers #1

Ashfire Moon: Adventure Unlimited is live!

This site has been in the works for many months, and in my head for several years. Ashfire Moon is powered by Scrollon® and  dedicated to original fantasy and science fiction adventure content. It offers long and short form digital comics as well as one-off illustrations where we tell a story in a single image australian pokies online. And if that’s not enough, you’ll also find Travel Tips for Adventurers, suggested travel accessories and useful phrases (I think we all know how useful it would be to order a beer in Klingon).

Many of my stories will be on, including The Heart of the Hollow World, Autumn & Gearlock, The Curious Saga of No-One and Nephilim, as well as Mark Moretti’s RobotWorld and the upcoming Island Kingdom by Hiroshi Mori.

Visit Ashfire Moon: Adventure Unlimited and let me know what you think.

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