Doug Lefler

Storyboards from Edge of Tomorrow

This is the film with the most confusing and numerous titles. It was All You Need is Kill during the brief time I worked on it. Later Edge of Tomorrow and lastly Live, Die, Repeat. Whatever you call it, it’s a surprisingly good movie. Rent it if you didn’t see it in the theaters.

loop_2_001 copy
loop_2_002 copy
loop_2_003 copy
loop_2_004 copy
loop_2_005 copy
loop_2_006 copy
loop_2_007 copy
loop_2_008 copy
loop_2_009 copy
loop_2_010 copy
loop_2_011 copy
loop_2_012 copy
loop_2_013 copy
loop_2_014 copy
loop_2_015 copy
loop_2_016 copy
loop_2_017 copy
loop_2_018 copy
loop_2_019 copy
loop_2_020 copy
loop_2_021 copy
loop_2_022 copy
loop_2_023 copy


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