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Monthly Archives: August 2013

Lords of the Fallen – Storyboards

August 26, 2013

These are storyboards I created for the Lords of the Fallen (Gamescom 2013). This Cinematic Trailer was prevised by The Third Floor before going to full animation. These are not all of the boards, I left out many frames to make the post manageable, but tried to include all of the highlights. The complete trailer

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Waking Up in the Wrong Place

August 12, 2013

When you work on movies in the early stages, you have a lot of ideas that don’t make it to the screen. I explore concepts I never show to anyone if I realize they don’t services the needs of the story. Sometimes I explore concepts simply because they will be fun to draw (this from

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Evolution of a Story

August 5, 2013

The second chapter of “The Curious Saga of No-One” has been released on the Scrollon app. Some may remember an earlier version of this story, but few people have seen the first incarnation of No-One. It started many years ago as a traditional comic book that I drew between directing jobs (people who pursue directing

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