Doug Lefler

“The Heart of the Hollow World” Returns

Beware the White Monkey

The Heart of the Hollow World #19 “Breach” will be posted September 5th, 2016

Other Scrollon business has delayed its release, but the new chapter is now ready. There are six more chapters to complete the current story arc (twenty four in all), and I’ll do my best to get you to the end without further interruptions.

One comment

  1. The White Apes arc– After they saved our heroes by dispatching the poison-tongued devil lizard (“Path #5-6), I was inclined to believe them as benevolent guardians. Now, having killed one of Twen’s sisters and having a dark history of often having done so, the White Apes have a backstory and unknown motivations that need explaining. Waiting eagerly for this next chapter.

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